Lets the gifs decide!

28. october 2011 at 13:19 | Rouge |  Little Something From The Mama
Okay. Na tohle jsem náhodou narazila na tumblru a musím to sem dát. Docela jsem se tomu nasmála, protože některý docela vážně sedí :D Jde o jakési GIF meme, neb na tumblru snad každý má svou složku s uloženými gify a- to je jedno...

1st gif represents who you are:

9th is how you feel today:

7th represents your taste in music:

4th represents your relationship with your friends:

17th represents your love life:

3rd is something about you not many people know:

15th is how you act when you're alone:

20th is how today went for you:
11th is how your life will be:

13th is how people see you:

6th is how you will spend your last day on Earth:

2nd is how you act around the person you're attracted to:

10th is how your gender sees you:

16th is how opposite gender sees you:

19th represents you at your happiest:

Přiznávám, že některé to vystihli vážně dobře. "This is how your life will be" mě dostalo asi nejvíc...


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