Pointless. Absolutly pointless.

17. november 2011 at 13:15 | Rouge |  Little Something From The Mama
Do you know how it feels when you just want to crawl into bed and die or at least don't have to do anything for like another hundred years? That's how I totally feel right now. That's how I've felt these past few months almost everyday. And all I can think of is WHY!? I mean saying it's because of my age is totally pissing me off 'cause it's such a cliché and I don't want to be just another one in a billion. But I can't really figure out another reason. I neglect school. I go there of course, but I don't prepare at all and my marks are much much worse than ever. Like seriously, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!? Maybe it's because I have this empy spot inside, like if something was missing, like I was missing something. But what? Of course, I don't have any friends and my social life on a scale from zero to ten would be describe as five below zero, but I don't necessarily think that's it. I've been living like this since my eight grade and I was totally fine with it back then. So why it's such a problem now? Maybe I need to tell somebody all of my secrets and insecurities but I don't have anybody. And that's why I write stupid articles, IN ENGLISH, like this...


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